Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jim DeFilippi: The American Crime Novels

Jim DeFilippi is a father, a grandfather, a retired school teacher, a bus driver, a popular story teller, a cigar maker, etc :) His crime novels cover a time from 1950's to now, usually set around New York City.

These are titles available for free download:
The Family Farm,
Cop, Cop, Lawyer,
Jive Palace,
Fog 50,
Duck Alley,
Blood Sugar.

Here is the download page.


  1. This is good, very good. The list of quality books available for download continues to expand.

  2. The list of quality books available for download, often free, continues to expand.

  3. I’m letting folks know that I have just published a new book on my website ( Like all the other books there, Everyday Malfeasance can be downloaded for free in maybe a minute.

    For those of us who do not enjoy reading an entire novel off a computer or e-reader screen, Everyday Malfeasance might be a better choice. It is a collection of very short pieces I have done for various places through the years. Each one can be read in one shot, with very little effort or discomfort, and might provide a few laughs.

    I hope you’ll take a look.

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